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Our Story

We are thrilled to be engaged! After a romantic proposal while attempting to summit Mt. Tallac in Desolation Wilderness (a feat better attempted mid summer - AFTER the snow has melted), you can see that we are all smiles in front of Angel Falls. Was it a surprise? Well, the first clue that something was afoot came when Steve asked Kim to go on an 8 hour hike to summit a 10,000 ft peak. Now don't get me wrong, Steve has proven his adventuresome prowess climbing the likes of Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu. However, the last time Steve asked Kim on an extensive hike, it was the fifth date, and he was definitely trying to impress!

Unable to summit Tallac due to the thigh-deep snow at 8,000 ft, we blazed our own trail down a thundering riverbed - proving to ourselves that we still have the adventurous spirit. About half way down, Steve sat down at the bottom of an impromptu waterfall and started going on about the beauty of waterfalls. Moments later a ring sprang from his pocket, and, well, the rest is history in the making.